Koshish Library Project

"Only the educated are free."
"A library is an arsenal of liberty."

Make it possible for deserving and un-privileged students to borrow course books during their academic year.
Provide a place where students can sit, read and learn.
Cultivate Give Back To Society attitude among the beneficiaries.

Date Activity
May/2011 Koshish Library II (KL-II)
Koshish librarian shares details.
Details and Photos
Feb/2011 Koshish Library II (KL-II)
New books added to the library.
Details and Photos
Jan/2011 Koshish Library II (KL-II)
KL-II continues to attract young students.
Details and Photos
Oct/2008 Koshish Library I & II (KL-I & KL-II)
New books added to the libraries.
Details and Photos
Aug/2008 Koshish Library II (KL-II)
KL-II librarian shares operational details.
Details and Photos
Dec/2005 Koshish Library II (KL-II)
Koshish starts second library.
Details and Photos
May/2005 Koshish Library I (KL-I)
KL-I librarian published a short report.
Details and Photos
Apr/2005 Koshish Library I (KL-I)
New book shelves were added to KL-I. A new notice board was also installed.
Details and Photos
Aug/2003 Koshish Library I (KL-I)
First library started. A dedicated librarian took charge to run day to day operations.
Details and Photos



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