Happenings At Koshish

NED Robot Team sponsored. Jan/2012
A successful Climate Change Seminar organized at NED . Jan/2012
100 NED Scholarships announced. Jan/2012
Pirzada Family Scholarships offered at S.M. Law College. Nov/2011
Wildlife & Environment Magazine Team got recognized. Oct/2011
Vision Magazine 2011 sponsored. Oct/2011
Formula NED 2011 Team sponsored. Sep/2011
Raghib Family sponsors four NEDians. Sep/2011
Four more engineering students awarded Pirzada Family scholarships. Sep/2011
Koshish librarian shares library details. May/2011
Four engineering students awarded scholarships. May/2011
NSRI 2011 launched. Mar/2011
New books added to Koshish Library II. Feb/2011
Sara Mukhtar receives final scholarship. Feb/2011
NSRI 2010 session concludes. Project teams get recognized. Jan/2011
NSRI teams receive phase-II funding. Dec/2010
Koshish sponsors IEEE Women In Engineering event. Aug/2010
NSRI teams receive checks and are busy implementing their projects. Aug/2010
NSRI results announced May/2010
Sara Mukhtar wins scholarship. May/2010
NSRI teams submit proposals. Apr/2010
Vision'10 Magazine sponsored. Apr/2010
SPEC2010 sponsored. Apr/2010
NSRI launched. Mar/2010
Sara Mukhtar wins scholarship. Jul/2009
Young Girls awarded scholarship. May/2009
SPEC2009 at NED University was sponsored. Apr/2009
Om Prakash awarded scholarship. Feb/2009
One thousand new books added to Koshish libraries. Oct/2008
Zafar will have his right hand (artifical) back. Aug/2008
Engineering student is able to submit paper to IEEE WiCOM2008. Jul/2008
A bold student continues to follow his graduation dream. Jun/2008
A girl engineering student wins scholarship. Apr/2008
Intermediate student wins scholarship. Feb/2008
Details to be filled.  
SD-I,II and III daily operations taken over by partners. Nov/2006
Student sponsored to attend IEEE Conference. Sep/2006
A new Pakistan Team takes charge. Aug/2006
Koshish office moved to a new location. Jun/2006
Ongoing module-I completed at 4 of Sohni Dhart Labs. May/2006
73 new computer books added to Koshish Library II. Apr/2006
Sohni Dharti VII computer lab started. Mar/2006
Three more students win scholarships. Feb/2006
Koshish takes part in earthquake relief. Jan/2006
Second library started. Dec/2005
Sohni Dharti VI computer lab moved. Nov/2005
Online Resources, lecture is well attended. Oct/2005
Buying and Selling Real Estate, lecture is well received. Aug/2005
Computer Network Security, lecture is well attended. Aug/2005
Mobile Phone Repair, training program concluded. Jul/2005
Car maintenance, lecture is well received. Jun/2005
Wireless networking equipment is donated to NED. Jun/2005
Mobil IP, lecture is well received. Jun/2005
KL-I librarian publishes a short report. May/2005
PCB Trend & Technology, lecture concludes. Apr/2005
More book shelves are added to KL-I Apr/2005
RCI scholar publishes, "Itís a small, small world" Apr/2005
Frame Maker Basics, lecture concludes. Apr/2005
Mar 2005 newsletter is out. Mar/2005
Social Networking, lecture concludes. Mar/2005
Backpacking Essentials, lecture concludes. Feb/2005
Feb 2005 newsletter is out. Feb/2005
Engineering student awarded scholarship. Feb/2005
Jan 2005 newsletter is out. Jan/2005
IOS Software Architecture, lecture concludes. Jan/2005
Internet Privacy and Security lecture concludes. Nov/2004
Notebook distribution in Tando Allahyar. Oct/2004
Sohni Dharti VI inaugrated. Sep/2004
Lecture at SSUET concludes. Aug/2004
Sohni Dharti II upgraded. Aug/2004
Semiar at SZABIST concludes. Aug/2004
Sohni Dharti I upgraded. Jul/2004
PCB lecture is very well received. Apr/2004
A new USA Team takes charge. Mar/2004
"Crypto Engineering" lectures conclude. Feb/2004
Eid Milan '04 in California. Feb/2004
Sohni Dharti IV becomes a reality. Jan/2004
A new Pakistan Team takes charge. Nov/2003
Certificate distribution at NED Sep/2003
Koshish Library I inaugurated Aug/2003
Digital Comm. Workshop concludes Jul/2003
Koshish assists Rahima Foundation. May/2003
Job Search Site launched Apr/2003
Koshish gets a coordinator Mar/2003
Eid Milan get together Feb/2003
Sohni Dharti III launched Jan/2003
Setting up dev office in Pak - lecture Jan/2003
Entrepreneurship, post dot com - lecture Dec/2002
Linux OS - lecture Nov/2002
BioInformatics - lecture Sep/2002
Sohni Dharti II launched Jun/2002
ASIC Design Workshop concludes May/2002
DB & Web Apps - lecture Apr/2002
EK Adbi Sham Mar/2002
Adv Networking - lecture Mar/2002
ASIC Design - lecture Feb/2002
Sohni Dharti I launched Jan/2002
An evening with NPOs is well attended. Nov/2001
BGP class offered. Nov/2001
Second CCNA class offered. Aug/2001
Sham-e-Nazam in Cupertino. Jul/2001
First CCNA class offered. May/2001


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