The high tech mecca otherwise known as the Silicon Valley attracts engineers from all over the world. No surprise that the Valley has a big contingent of NED University of Engineering graduates too. Three years ago when the Koshish Foundation, a California non-profit organization working on education related programs in Pakistan, and comprising mostly NED graduates, learned that a number of NED students do not get to graduate because they don’t have means to even pay for the paltry—by the US standards–tuition fees, Koshish decided do help such students. Silicon Valley’s successful NEDians stepped up to support the program. The plan was to start out with giving 25 scholarships to the first year students at the NED University. And then the next year give another 25 scholarships to newcomers while continuing to provide assistance to the 25 students who would by then be in the second year. And with this scheme, four years later have 100 scholarships for 4 different batches, with 25 the students being supported in each batch. This 100-scholarship program is envisioned to be self-sustaining after some time when the NED graduates having benefitted from the 100-scholarship program will start paying back into the program to support others. The year that has just started, 2015, is the fourth year of Koshish’s ambitious program. If the Koshish Foundation gets to successfully complete its goal it will only be because of the sponsors of the scholarship program. These are the people who have made it big in the US, but still remember their college days and remember how hard it was then just to make ends meet. Having benefited from others’ benevolence on various occasions, these stars are ready to help those they don’t have any hope to get any payback from. This is the kind of world all of us want to live in: loving and compassionate. You can hardly imagine where the beneficiaries of the Koshish Foundation’s scholarship program will end up but it is certain that they would carry the weight of the altruism of their sponsors with them and will in turn be kind to others, and that this sphere of goodwill and compassion will keep growing with time.
The sponsors of the Koshish Foundation’s scholarship program that is impacting many lives and the lives of many others through the scholarship beneficiaries included Amer Haider, Awais Nemat, Asghar Aboobaker, Fayez Khan, Idris Kothari, Imran Badr, Imran Qureshi, Naveed Anwar, Naveed Sherwani, members of NEDA-DC, Rafat Pirzada, Raghib Hussain, Rehan Jalil, Suhail Muhammad, and Zulki Khan.