A team of NED University students decide to build a “Two Wheel Self Balancing & Multitasking Robot”. They pooled PRS 12,000 (Twelve Thousand) and bought components needed for their project. They ran into a financial crunch as a critical component (a Panda Board) they needed had a price tag of PRS 20,000. The team turned to Koshish Foundation for assistance. On a strong recommendation of Professor Shoaib Zaidi (Chairman, Department of Electronics Engineering), Awais Nemat (a Koshish member and successful serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, California) agreed to sponsor the project.

On Saturday, Jan/28/2012 a check for PRS 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) was handed over to the jubilant team members. Jamal Rajput, Faysal Lakhani (Koshish Foundation) and Professor Shoaib Zaidi (NED University) were also present at this occasion.