Professional Engineering Student Scholarship

Koshish Foundation
Rs 14,300 (Fourteen Thousand Three Hundrend) April/2008
Rs 11,100 (Eleven Thousand One Hundrend) July/2009
Rs 11,100 (Eleven Thousand One Hundrend) May/2010
Rs 14,500 (Fourteen Thousand Five Hundrend) Feb/2011
a) Scholarship was awarded on merit-cum-need basis to cover tution fee.
b) Scholarship checks were paid directly to NED University of Engineering & Technology.
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Koshish Foundation.

Sara Mukhtar
On Apr/28/2008, Sara Mukhtar was awarded the scholarship. Sara Mukhtar is a 1st year student at NED University of Engineering & Technology. She is enrolled in Computer & Information Systems Engineering department and enjoys her computer related subjects the most.

On Jul/27/2009 at a simple ceremony Sara Mukhtar was awarded the second scholarship (Rs. 11,100). The scholarship is to pay for her 2nd year tution fee at NED University of Engineering & Technology.

From left to right:
Farheen, Koshish Librarian,
Tarannum Ghaffar, Deputy Controller Student Affairs Dept, NED University of Engineering & Technology,
Sara Mukhtar, Scholarship Winner,
Abdul Wajid, Koshish Volunteer,
Jamal Rajput, Koshish Volunteer,
Faysal Lakhani, Koshish Volunteer.

On May/3/2010, Sara Mukhtar received third scholarship (Rs. 11,100) to cover for her 3rd year tuition fee at NED University of Engineering & Technology. Sara is very much enjoying her studies in Computer Systems Engineering department and would like to share the following with the world.

Follow You Dreams
(Sara Mukhtar).

It has been my dream to study and graduate as a Computer Engineer from NED University of Engineering and Technology. Computers have been my biggest interest since very early age. I have worked really hard throughout my life to accomplish my goal. It has been a challenging journey as well. My father passed away when I was only 10 years old, since then it has been my mother who did her best so that I can continue with my studies.

After high school when I came to know that I have been accepted in NED University I felt like on top of the world. It was a great opportunity to fulfill my dream. Finances have been a big challenge for me especially in the absence of my father. I have not allowed financial challenges hold me back. Once I was in NED University, I applied and received a scholarship from Koshish Foundation. This scholarship has made my journey easy. I really believe that one should continue her effort and not let the challenges and difficulties discourage you. This scholarship has given me more confidence and strength to work even harder. By the grace of Allah now I am in 3rd year of engineering and very near to my graduation.

In the end I would like to specially thank Koshish Foundation for making "this journey of proving myself" easy for me.

From left to right:
Sara Mukhtar, Scholarship Winner,
Faysal Lakhani, Koshish Volunteer,
Professor Shahab Tehzeeb, NED University.

On Feb/22/2011, Sara Mukhtar received fourth and final installment (Rs. 14,500) to cover her 4th year tuition fee at NED University of Engineering & Technology. Koshish Foundation wishes her well in her final academic year.

From left to right:
Sohail Usmani (CSA, NED University)
Sara Mukhtar (Scholarship Winner)
Tarannum Ghaffar (Deputy CSA, NED University)
Faysal Lakhani (Program Manager, Koshish Foundation)



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