Sohni Dharti I, II & III

Date: Nov/2006 ( Sohni Dharti Program Details )
SD-I: Kachi Abadi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
SD-II, SD-III: Abdullah Shah Gazi Mazar, Clifton, Karachi.
SD-I: Koshish Foundation and Almadad Foundation (Non Profit Org.)
SD-II, SD-II: Koshish Foundation and Ms Shagufta Dada (Philanthropist)
The Sohni Dharti Lab project was started with the clear vision of setting up labs, running them for some time, and then gradually handing over the operation to the non profit organization running the school. The operations of the two labs outside Karachi were taken over by our respective partners from day one.

In November 2006, Koshish handed over the operation of three of these labs (SD I, II, and III) to its partners. Each of Koshish’s partner in the above projects has been given a check of Rs.20,000 (Rs 20,000 + Rs 20,000 = Rs 40,000) to facilitate the hand-over. Koshish will keep on working with these partners in ensuring the continuing operation and success of these programs. Koshish monitors will periodically visit these facilities and report to board members on the conditions. The day to day operation will be run by our partners, to whom we are deeply thankful for helping us serve our people.


Ms Shagufta Dada and Jamal Rajput


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