Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative


Inculcate social responsibility in students; empower them to bring a positive change in the society.


The initiative is targeted at a select group of students:

Ambitious: Who dream of tackling social issues, from increasing the literacy levels to fighting poverty. They see opportunity where others see problem. They are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead but willingly choose to take action.

Focused: Who are intensely focused even relentless to bring a positive change in the society they live in. They plan well and work hard to improve systems, create solutions and invent new approaches.

Pragmatic: Who are realistic in their approach. They have limited time and finances but are exceptionally skilled to stretch both. They are ultimately driven to produce measurable results leveraging the resource they can muster.


The initiative has been launched at NED University of Engineering & Technology starting from academic year 2010. The initiative will organically grow to other universities with time.



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