Free online resources for business and personal use

Free Online Resources Oct/2005
Santa Clara, California
Amer Haider

Event Report :
A lecture on "Free Online resources for business and personal use" was given by Mr. Amer Haider.

Amer Haider

Amer Haider has always been a hands-on person. From his school days when he would install car security systems, first to protect his own car then as a hobby, and for supplemental income, to now as director marketing at Cavium Networks, Haider knows how to think out of the box and bring the most innovative solutions to the table.

In the lecture, Haider presented simple, non-technical, everyday online resources that one can take advantage of for his/her business (communication, sales, management) and personal life (banking, bills, International calls, webcam, home, cars, religion).

Amer Haider

The lecture was free and open to all. Refreshments were served after the event.



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