Cisco IOS Software Architecture

Cisco IOS Software Architecture. Jan/2005
Santa Clara, California
Khalid Yousuf

At the Santa Clara Library on January 25, 2005 at 7 pm Koshish Knowledge Exchange hosted Mr.Khalid Yousuf’s lecture titled “Cisco IOS Software Architecture.”
This talk covered the general architecture of IOS, including its software architecture and packet switching architecture. Software architecture covered introduction to operating system concepts followed by IOS software architecture, including processes, memory management, CPU scheduling, packet buffers, and device drivers. It also covered the operation of several platform-independent switching methods, including process switching, fast switching, and Cisco Express Forwarding. Mr Yousuf also, briefly went over the architecture of 7200, 7500, and 12000 series routers.

Khalid Yousuf is a software engineer in IOS Wide Area Networking group at Cisco Systems. Specifically he is working as part of Layer 2 VPN development team. His previous projects at Cisco included working in various management and serviceability projects such as IOS programmatic interface development,IOS fault manager development.



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