Frame Maker - Basics

Frame Maker - Basics Apr/2005
Santa Clara, California
Sabahat Ashraf

Event Report ( By A.H. Cemendtaur ) :
The sixth lecture under Koshish's Knowledge Exchange program ( was held on Wednesday, April 13, at the Santa Clara Library. The lecture was given by writer-activist Sabahat Ashraf. Sabahat Ashraf has written for newspapers and magazines both in Pakistan and the US. A Silicon Valley socialite, Ashraf blogs extensively as iFaqeer, his nom de plume—see

Sabahat Ashraf's lecture was on the basics of the 'Frame Maker' software, a tool of choice for technical writers. Ashraf told the audience about the inadequacies of Microsoft Word and why Word should not be used in the production of any document/book/brochure/catalog that spans more than 100 pages, or that uses a lot of pictures.

Ashraf started from the very basic operation of creating a FrameMaker document and then went to teach techniques on page numbering, printing text in the background, the use of variables to control strings that change with time, and a lot of other useful features of the 'FrameMaker' software

Sabahat Ashraf



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