PCB Trends & Technology

PCB Trends & Technology Apr/2005
James Dresser,
Aamir Jamil

First Part:
1. World Electronic market size and its forecast.
2. PCB Business Market and PCB design market size.
3. PCB analysis and thermal tools requirements.

Second Part:
1. Application of PCBs (Printed Circuit Board).
2. Different Type of PCBs.
3. How Is PCB Market Evolving and What Is Coming Next.
4. PCB Engineering Issues.
5. PCB Layout Tools.
6. PCB Simulation Tools.
7. PCB Manufacturing Process.
8. PCB Assembly Process.

Mr. James Dresser is CEO of Altanova Corporation. He has done his BSEE from UC San Diego, CA. He has been managing technical sales and marketing for the semiconductor test interface products since 1984. He has been handling accounts like Intel, AMD, Xilinx, Altera, Nvidia, ATi and other major semiconductor manufacturers in USA. Established sales and engineering support in Costa Rica. Establish sales in Far East region in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Co-founded Altanova Corporation in year 2000.

Mr. Aamir Jamil is President of Altanova Corporation. He has done his BSEE from Purdue University, IN. Specialized in High Speed digital, Mixed signal and Analog board designs, board simulation and engineering processes. Providing test boards for testing major ICs like Microprocessors, FPGAs, Flash, RAM, Communication Chips, Graphic ICs and so on. Established PCB design center in Karachi Pakistan in 2002. Co-founder of Altanova Corporation



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