PCB, Trends And Technology - Lecture Details

PCB - Trends And Technology Apr/2004
NED University
Aamir Jameel
1. PCBs business market
2. Different type of PCBs and there differences.
3. How is PCB market evolving and what is coming next.
4. PCB design in Pakistan and its challenges.
5. PCB technology
i. Layout tools
ii. Engineering tools
iii. Manufacturing tools
iv. Assembly tools
6. Future of PCB industry and its growth in Pakistan

Aamir Jameel is the President of Altanova Corporation USA. He holds a BSEE from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. He worked in Silicon Valley as an application engineer in 1992, was involved in semiconductor testing industry for last 10 years. Later he founded Altanova Corporation along with equal partner James Dresser in January of 2000. Presently he is the President.

Post Event Comments:
Very well attendend. Approximately 60 benefited and actively partcipated in the Q/A sessions.

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