76 new books added to Koshish library

Visit Date Feb/24/2011
Library Location Govt. Girls School, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Karachi

Seeing the interest of young girls students, Ali Hasan Cemendtaur and Faysal Lakhani (Koshish Foundation members) took upon themselves to add some more books to this one-room library. Finally on Feb/24/2011 at a simple ceremony made special by the presence of excited students, 76 books were added to library shelves.

Time spent = 12 man hours
Money spent = PRS 7008 (Seven Thousand Eight PRS)
Positive Energy Created = priceless

Left to right:
Faysal Lakhani (Koshish Foundation),
Madam Zaib-un-nisa (Principal, Govt. Girls School),
Naursheen Iqbal (Koshish Librarian)


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