Books Added To Koshish Libraries

Date Oct/9/2008
Library Location(s) (1) Govt. Girls School, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Karachi
(2) Kachi Abadi, Gulshen-e-Iqbal, Karachi
Koshish sponsored its first library (a one room facility) back in 2003. Looking at the positive affect of this one-room-library, Koshish sponsored second such library in year 2005. Both of these libraries have been providing valuable services since. The two libraries operate at two difference katchi abadi (slum area) schools. Students in those schools enjoy going to the libraries. Each of the libraries act as a :
Book bank - where students can borrow text books for the school year.
Reading room a clean and quiet place (not easily available in the locality) where students can sit, relax and read.
Traditional Library it also allows student to check-out books.

Zeshan Ahmed and Kausar Talat (two of Koshish founders and active volunteers) teamed up and took upon themselves to add 1000 (one thousand) new books to these libraries. They compiled a list of much needed books and talked to many book vendors to short list 4 who were willing to provide these books at a reasonable cost. Zeshan-Kausar-Team also raised the funds (Rs. 80,000) required to acquire theses books.

Finally on Oct/9/2008 at a simple but heat-warming ceremony, 1021 new books were added to the two libraries. It was especially a happy moment for the schools kids and the librarians.


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