Koshish Foundation Scholarship

Koshish Foundation
PRS 160,000 (Rs. One Hundrend Sixty Thousand Only)
a) Scholarship was awarded on merit basis to cover project cost.
b) Scholarship check was paid directly to NED University of Engineering & Technology.
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Formula SAE is a student design competition (started in 1978) organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Participating teams design and build small Formula-style race cars. The cars are judged on Safety, Fuel Economy, Cost and other measures.

A group of students from Automotive Engineering Department, NED University have decided to compete in Formula SAE 2011 scheduled to be held in Australia (Dec/2011). Besides coming up with an original car design the team also faces the daunting task of generating the required funds to complete their project. The team approached Koshish Foundation for assistance back in Feb/2011, since then Koshish Foundation has stayed in touch with the team.

Koshish suggested and team agreed to reach out to their families and friends. After an extensive and telling exercise the team has raised ~ PRS 220K from their close relatives. The team has also approached many businesses to sponsor their effort, there are some pledges and team is hopeful that a few of them will materialize. In the meantime the team continues to build their car devotedly.

Seeing teamís dedication and to ensure the continuity of their design work, Koshish Foundation contributed PRS 160,000 to the operating expenses. On Sept/10/2011 in a simple and gratifying ceremony, Dr. Mushahid Hussain Hashmi, Chairman Automotive Engineering Department, NED University handed the check to the team captain.

Koshish Foundation wishes the team well.



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