Eid Milan - 2004

Report By Zaib
Feburary 2004

Saratoga: Koshish Foundation, a non-profit organization working on education- related projects, arranged its annual Eid Milan at Saratoga Library Community Hall on Friday, February 20th, 2004. Around forty people attended.

Farhan Shahid Kashif Aziz Ayub Khan Suhail Akbar

Farhan Shahid, one of seven directors of Koshish Foundation, opened the speech session by giving a brief introduction of the organization.
Kashif Aziz gave a detailed account of major programs undertaken by Koshish, including
(i) Sohni Dharti - under which four computer labs have been established so far in Pakistani schools and children are provided basic computer education.
(ii) Mentor Platform - a web-based platform for students to seek advice from professionals.
(iii) Lecture Series - under which technical seminars are arranged at engineering colleges in Pakistan.
(iv) Student Assistantship Program - through which a 50,000 Rupee assistantship is awarded once a year to a qualifying professional college student.
(v) Equipment Assistance Program - through which equipment is sent to engineering students working on their undergraduate projects.
(vi) Koshish Libraries - through which one library has so far been set up at a disadvantaged school in Pakistan.

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Suhail Akbar, chairman of the Foundation, gave a little history of the organization. Koshish Foundation came into being in 2000 when a few Silicon Valley professionals got together and decided to find a way to pay back to their country; to try and to do something. To make an attempt; a "koshish". Koshish was incorporated in California in October 2000; it received non-profit status (501-c-3) in early 2001. A parallel non-profit organization, by the name of Koshish Foundation Pakistan, was then formed. Koshish USA is run by a board of seven directors -- all of them working on a voluntary basis. Koshish Pakistan is also run by a team of volunteers delegating work to paid employees.

A group of volunteers

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Children attending Friday's get-together participated in race contests. Ali Hasan Cemendtaur distributed prizes among the winners.

One of the winners

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