Primary Student Scholarship

Saqib Hafiz, Koshish Foundation
Rs 10,100 (Ten Thousand One Hundrend) one time
Scholarship was awarded on need basis to pay for tuition and books.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact:
Koshish Foundation.

Young Girl Students
Mr. Saqib Hafiz is a young hardworking engineer and a Koshish friend. Saqib feels strongly about education, he makes it a point to dedicate some of the his hard earned money for students in financial need. Recently Saqib helped four young girls pay for their tuition and books.

a) Alina Waseem - Rs 2600 (Two Thousand Six Hundrend)
b) Saher Nawaz - Rs 1500 (One Thousand Five Hundrend)
c) Aqsa Nawaz - Rs 1000 (One Thousand)
d) Parshan Amsari - Rs 5000 (Five Thousand)

Koshish wishes well to the young angels and their families.



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